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Sir Anton’s Secret Dietary Supplement Will Improve Your Life

Behind the name Sir Anton’s Secret is a dietary supplement in tablet form that has been on the market for more than 14 years and has proven results. Six years of development by doctors, scientists and other experts, including the co-creator of the tablets Prof. Dr. Sir Anton Jayasuriya were worth it.

Nowadays, one does not need to take chemical stimulants to be fit and healthy. If our body has enough quality nutrients, it works as a great biomechanical machine and can tune our physical fitness and mental health to the right level. The composition of Sir Anton’s Secret tablets contains the right ratio of the ideal building blocks.

Before we focus on the dietary supplement’s actual effects, read a short interview with MUDr. Roman Konečný, who spoke a little more about tablets.

Interview with MUDr. Roman Konečný

Is it possible to overdose on the pills?

  • Up to 25 tablets per day have been tested. The person in question drove over 2,000 km without coffee, Red Bull or other stimulants.

How long did it take to develop Sir Anton’s Secret?

  • The development of SAS took 6 years and involved doctors, scientists, members of the Czech Academy of Sciences and experts in alternative medicine from the USA, Germany, India, Sri Lanka and the Czech Republic.

Where and how are Sir Anton’s Secret tablets produced?

  • They are produced in the Czech Republic, under pharmaceutical supervision and using the controlled extraction method. The tablets are micronised for better absorption into the body and are coated with a nanolayer.
  • Only the highest quality ingredients are used in production, regardless of cost. This makes Sir Anton’s Secret completely different from other dietary supplements. The quality of the inputs will, of course, be reflected in the quality of the outputs, which is logical. If you want something to work, you can’t cheat it.

Can they be taken long term?

  • Based on the experience of thousands of clients over the 14 years that SAS tablets have been on sale, we have found that about 35% of clients buy 2-3 packs, clean their blood vessels, generally bring their body to an optimal state, get their psyche in order, and take a break for a while (in the meantime, they usually just tell everyone around them about it).
  • Most users get used to their body functioning as it did many years earlier, in every way. They don’t need medication, they’re not affected by stress, their weight is gradually optimised and they enjoy a much better quality of life. Most describe the condition as “Life with Tony.”

What are the results?

  • The tablets are an effective tool for the body, which uses them where it feels most threatened. The body can heal itself, 80-90% of problems can be handled without the help of medicine. If it’s provided with a product that is natural to it and whose components it can use, it will do so. This is how we were evolutionarily equipped.
  • Based on information from our clients, we know that the tablets are very effective (and in most cases it has been medically confirmed) in the following areas:
  • Cleansing and clearing of the vascular system - lowering blood pressure - lowering homocysteine levels - lowering cholesterol levels - eliminating allergies and asthma - improving work by the pancreas - lowering blood sugar levels - eliminating the need for antidepressants - significantly reducing stress - acting as a sexual stimulant - acting as an antibacterial and antifungal agent on intestinal flora - adjusting weight to optimum.

How does Sir Anton’s Secret affect athletes?

  • Excellently, it acts as a natural anabolic, significantly promotes muscle growth and improves fitness. But the most important thing for athletes is to remove mental blocks during races and matches. At least this is what people from various sports tell us - ice hockey, downhill skiing, rowing and athletics. The product has been tested in anti-doping tests for 11 years and our athletes competed in the Olympic Games in London in 2012 and Rio de Janeiro in 2016.
  • However, even for the average athlete, SAS brings excellent benefits. With the same amount of training, the results are markedly better + clean blood vessels and eliminating stress also significantly improve the quality of life.

Why should you try Sir Anton’s Secret tablets?

The substances contained in the tablets naturally help to regulate blood pressure and clean the blood vessels. It’s not for nothing that it’s said that a man is as old as his blood vessels. This, of course, has a positive effect on the prevention of cardiovascular disease.  Sir Anton’s Secret tablets contribute to better mental and physical health, which is reflected in higher performance.

People of any age can treat themselves to more life energy. The natural replenishment of the necessary substances improves brain activity and the body’s overall vitality. You adjust your sugar levels in the right direction, reduce unpleasant stress, reduce weight and improve your daily sleep. All of the above and much more is positively supported by the dietary supplement called Sir Anton’s Secret, which can become a helping hand for all ages, athletes, managers, mums or anyone else.

General Experience of Using Sir Anton’s Secret Tablets

In a fairly clean “unpolluted” organism, the first effects were seen when taking 4 tablets a day after only five days, after which the dosage was reduced to 3 tablets a day for another four days, and a large dose of vigorous energy was still perceptible. Thereafter, the dosage was reduced to 2 tablets per day and after approximately another 10 days, 1 tablet per day was taken. The vital improvement and feeling of increased energy persists. This condition has been described in several cases.

In the case of administration of Sir Anton’s Secret tablets to a person regularly using a small quantity of drugs prescribed by a doctor, the initial effect (at a dosage of 4 tablets per day) did not appear until after 9-10 days. After that, the dosage was reduced to 2 tablets per day. After using one complete monthly pack of the product, the original doses of the drugs prescribed by the doctor were reduced due to the overall improvement in health.

Several users report a “spontaneous increase in work efficiency,” improved musculoskeletal coordination and freshness of thinking.

Some users confessed to us that they have been singing while working lately, something they never did before. Taking the tablets clearly has a very good effect on their mental state. One user reported that after 2 months of taking the tablets (4 tablets per day), she had completely discontinued the mild antidepressants she had been taking for several years. Thanks to the tablets, she feels completely balanced mentally. Another commented on the feeling of psychological well-being, saying that after 3 months of use the feeling of fatigue (a consequence of Lyme disease) and joint pain disappeared.

We have also had one “veterinary” report with a sick dog of a smaller breed weighing about 8 kg. This dog receives regular veterinary medication to strengthen the cardiovascular system. His illness was manifested by general weakness – he could not walk after a while and had to be carried, his vision was clouded. After administering 1/2 tablets daily (wrapped in a slice of ham) for 14 days, a major turnaround occurred; his weakness disappeared, his vision cleared and the dog is lively again.

With long-term use (min. 3 months) users who had varicose veins on their legs reported that the visible blue veins disappeared and the unevenness of the legs - due to the varicose veins - disappeared. A user with a pronounced bulging vein from the middle of the inner thigh to below the knee now has a smooth leg. One user confirmed that after 3 months of use, the feeling of “heavy” legs disappeared.

A long-term migraine sufferer reported after a month of use (4 tablets a day) that she was free of migraines after years of suffering and free of the nausea that always accompanied a migraine. Another user, after 3 months of taking the tablet (again 4 tablets a day), reported that she was free of the “hot flushes” she had been suffering from for two years in connection with menopause.

A user from Germany who goes to a fitness centre at least three times a week reports visible, yet natural muscle growth without the negative effects of anabolic steroids. He has been taking the tablets for 3 months; with a dose of 8 tablets a day. He feels extremely vital and is experiencing an increase in physical strength. Sleep patterns after 14 days of use have changed, he does not experience symptoms of physical fatigue.

Two users reported that during a demanding business trip to France (Monday to Friday), when they travelled by car, they each took 15 to 20 tablets daily. They slept approximately 16 hours over the course of 4 days, but experienced no symptoms of sleep deprivation or fatigue. However, they both confirmed that they slept continuously for twice the usual time on their return. After this rest, however, they did not feel a “sleep debt,” they felt physically and mentally fit. The tablet is considered a unique “energizer”
Sir Anton's secret
Sir Anton’s Secret tablets are based on the human body and the way it works. Our organism is a biomechanical machine, there are millions of reactions going on in it and that’s life. Just supply quality nutrients and our body knows what it needs and where it needs it.


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