Do you want to go back 15 years in time?

Do you want to maintain vitality, physical and mental resilience and ease in your work and personal life? We offer a simple way to achieve this that is natural for the body. The tablets are made only from natural substances that support each other and multiply each other’s effect. The body is thus able to absorb them immediately, take exactly what it needs and distribute it exactly where it is needed.

Be as active as you were years ago...

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To keep the whole family healthy

Family is the most precious thing we have, and without question we are all willing to do whatever it takes to reach an old age and raise our children together. We think about the appropriate diet, we are aware of our responsibility for the habits we pass on to our children. We try to increase immunity for ourselves and loved ones and keep all family members at full strength. All of this can be favourably influenced by Sir Anton’s Secret.

Mum, do you want to have everything under control? Children, family, work...

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More energy for both work and family

Do you feel like work is pouring in on you from all sides? You need to make the right decisions and not wait a moment to achieve the goal for your team and your company. You need to lead and take the right steps, at the right time! A great responsibility, but one that requires a great deal of time and effort. And on top of all that, you need to have enough energy for your family and a happy personal life, but can you get it?

What more to do besides many cups of strong coffee or getting a boost in the form of energy drinks? Getting sick and dropping out of the game is a nightmare for you and your company? What if there’s another way? It can be done without the adverse effects associated with coffee and energy drinks, caused by their long-term use. Let’s introduce Sir Anton’s Secret, which will help you stay fit.

Do you need to increase your mental capacity?

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Do you always want to be first?

Is sport a regular part of your life or do you even do it for a living? Then proper nutrition and sufficient trace elements are your first priority. We offer a unique complex that will nourish your body, boost your performance and support your mind.

Speed, strength, mental endurance, medals...

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Sir Anton‘s Secret - since 2006 on the market

Sir Anton's secret tablets are based on the human body and the way it works. Our organism is a biomechanical machine and millions of reactions take place in it, and that is life. It is enough to supply quality nutrients and our body knows what and where it needs. The most effective things tend to be the simplest.

A person in good mental and physical condition does not need chemical preparations or any artificial ingredients that modify only individual parts of our body and deal only with the consequences.

We are complex and complex beings, and the best solution is to support the body as a whole and supply it with quality building materials. In this way, we will maintain a good condition throughout our lives.

Quality raw materials are the basis. We only use the highest quality raw materials obtained from verified suppliers. The quality of the input raw materials corresponds to the quality of the output, i.e. the product. Sir Anton's secret tablets are more than just a dietary supplement.

Employees of the Institute of Microbiology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, SZÚ of the Czech Republic and scientists from Germany, Sri Lanka and the USA participated in the 6-year development. Produced in the Czech Republic under pharmaceutical supervision, GMP certified, micronized.

Prof. Dr. Sir Anton Jayasuriya

Co-creator of tablets, named in his honor Jiří V. Ligotzký, PhD., patent owner and owner of all certifications.

Founder of MEDICINA ALTERNATIVA INTERNATIONAL (1962), chairman of the board until his death in 2005. MAI was founded with the help of WHO and UNICEF. Since its inception, it has defined a global strategy for preventive medicine and public health, as a counterpoint to "modern" pharmaceutical treatment. This strategy includes the complete knowledge of classical and traditional medicine. MAI is an international society and its members are currently representatives from 106 countries of the world.

He became the holder of the United Nations Prize for Humanity in Medicine (1982). Anton Jayasuriya was awarded the United Nations Millennium Award posthumously in 2007 by UN Secretary-General Kofi A. Annan for his lifetime contribution to humanity.

He wrote 97 professional books on healing in many areas of medicine. Thanks to his merits, more than 35,000 doctors, clinical workers and practical experts from 127 countries have already passed the MAI. Everyone got acquainted with the teaching methods of alternative medicine.

His personal patients included, among others, Bill Gates' father, Pope John Paul II. and Prince Philip (husband of the Queen of England).
Sir Anton's secret
Sir Anton’s Secret tablets are based on the human body and the way it works. Our organism is a biomechanical machine, there are millions of reactions going on in it and that’s life. Just supply quality nutrients and our body knows what it needs and where it needs it.


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